FEATURES: - The First Personal Trainer App for your Soul and Interior Life to Grow in Virtue - Thorough Catholic Examination of Conscience with the 10 Commandments to identify your sins - Theological Sin Checklist from 'Navigating the Interior Life' to identify your 'root sins' - 21 Day Soul Virtue Exercises Assigned Per Sin to Grow in Virtue (over 40 Virtues Available) - Soul Exercises include a set of Prayer, Penance, Sacraments, Scripture, Saint Quotes, Virtue Definitions, Reflections, Readings, and To Do Lists to create spiritual & mental discipline - 21 Day Soul Exercises Based on the 7 Deadly Sins, Tough Family, Friend, Relationship, Work Temptations and General Everyday Life Scenario Temptations - Earn a Halo and Track your virtue progress on the Soul Dashboard - Saint of the Day Text and Audio from Fransican Media + 200 Saint Quotes on sin and virtue topic areas to reflect on how they offer advice in growing in the opposite virtue - Daily Scripture Readings (1st Reading, Responsorial Psalm, Gospel Reading) - Catholic Priests, Nuns & Theologians & Saints contributed all Soul Exercise content - Content from Education in Virtue Catholic Apostolate, Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, The Healing of Families Catholic Ministry, Unbound Ministry and many more. - Create or Join Hundreds of Virtue Challenges
 - Soul Notifications keep you focused on making progress






A little bit about us.

The Catholic Church does not present Saints as Super Heroes.  Just sinners who grew in virtue to make it to Heaven.  The idea is that if they could do it, so can you.

Sinner2Saint helps you get there - the first virtue exercise app for your soul.


If you are anything like me - I am a terrible sinner.  Yes, we all have original sin - thanks Adam and Eve! :).  But I mean the everyday sins that tend to happen out of our own personal weaknesses, our own Concupiscence.  I find myself going to confession over and over for the same sins and one day I decided I was tired of that.   And it was time to amend my life by seeking virtue to alleviate these sins so that I can not only be closer to God but rely on Him for everything.


God uses our weaknesses to test us to see if we will respond in sin or virtue and show our love back to Him.   Sinner2Saint is all about giving you options to respond to difficult situations through virtue and not sin.   We wanted to create a Spiritual Advisor for your pocket.

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In the Catholic Church, only after death can someone be called a Saint,  even if, while alive, the person lived a saintly, holy life. Mother Teresa of Calcutta, for example, who was revered around the world by people of every religion,

couldn’t be given the title of Saint until after her death, a thorough investigation of her life, and only after what the Church believes to be some undisputed miracles that took place through her intercession.


Saints aren’t born Saints. Saints are born sinners in the state of original sin and were sinners throughout their lives. Saints are ordinary people. They weren’t born with a halo around their head, and they don’t glow in the dark. What separated them from those who weren’t given the title - is that saints never gave up and never stopped trying to be and do better through God.  They grew very close to God and grew closer

to Him through suffering, prayer and decreasing of their own wills and desires until they aligned with God’s Will.








7 Deadly Sins, 7 Lively Virtues

Examination of Conscience

Difficult Family, Friend, Work and Social Situations


Identify Your Sins

21 Day Soul Exercises

Grow in Virtue

Bishop Sheen says every human suffers the most from at least 3 of the 7 Deadly Sins in varying degrees.  It is very important to identify your 'root sin' that help to enable your tendency toward the deadly sins and work on those.

A mix of Prayer, Penance, Sacraments,

Scripture, Reflection, Readings, Lists,

Actions, Saint Quotes and Grace.


By practicing virtue over sin you grow stronger in being able to avoid future

temptation scenarios.  Enroll in a Virtue Challenge to practice virtue in everyday situations with others and grow in grace.

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